Lake Smith


Lake Smith is an Advisory Solutions Associate on AdvicePeriod’s advisory team, where his primary focus is working with advisors in all aspects of client management.

Lake has experienced the personal growth AdvicePeriod has to offer. In only a couple of years at the company, Lake has already held two different roles. As an Associate or a position he has termed “Finance Bootcamp,” Lake enjoyed how fast-paced and dynamic his days were working with the company’s largest and most sophisticated clients. By remaining hungry to learn and willing to roll up his sleeves, he believes he has equipped himself for success in future positions.

As soon as he joined the team, Lake knew he was at an incredibly unique firm. Being a part of a start-up company in the field allows for a lot of experimentation but has also meant that the team must be willing to accept frequent change and adjust to a more fluid environment. However, this also means more personal ownership over the growth of the company and the opportunity for him to put his stamp on something that may become a large, long-lasting initiative.

In his new role, Lake works to expand AdvicePeriod’s relationships with national custodians and their clients. He also engages like-minded advisors who want to grow and simplify their business while building an asset they own. He uses his background in wealth management to provide partners with assistance or direction, especially pertaining to a referral network with AdvicePeriod’s custodial partners. In order to more effectively support partners, Lake utilizes AdvicePeriod’s robust digital platform. Salesforce Elements, their client relationship management tracking system, allows him to understand how successful they are in communicating across the country and where their story resonates on a granular level.

Lake finds satisfaction in the work he does at AdvicePeriod because he feels like he is truly helping people by providing the resources they need to succeed or by coaching them through difficult situations. He is confident that everyone at AdvicePeriod shares his desire to help others and is often reassured that their work is appreciated.

When he is away from work, Lake loves to spend time with his family, whom he has coined “beach bums” due to their frequent outings to the ocean. He is also passionate about exercise and is known for his dedication as a football fan.

Insight from Lake

On how to find success at AdvicePeriod:

The people that succeed at AdvicePeriod are individuals that can think for themselves and don’t need constant direction from others. If you want to own something, build skills, whether that be personally or for the future, I think AdvicePeriod is the perfect place to do that. However, you have to be comfortable with the uncomfortable. Being comfortable with the uncomfortable is how you achieve success at not only AdvicePeriod but in life in general.

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