Rehan Chaudhry

Rehan Chaudhry is a Partner Advisor at AdvicePeriod, where he advises a select group of high net worth individuals and senior corporate executives, helping them to integrate their asset allocation and investment strategies with tax, estate planning, and philanthropic strategies.

Rehan, a Partner Advisor, found himself excited by AdvicePeriod’s innovation and the direction of its platform. He believed that the company was focusing on the areas that are most important for clients. Before AdvicePeriod, Rehan was involved at his previous firm in helping entrepreneurs sell their businesses and subsequently assisted them in their financial goals. After deciding to join the team, he has appreciated the degree of autonomy afforded him in his own business while building and developing it under the AdvicePeriod umbrella.

With the help of the AdvicePeriod team and its deep bench in planning, Rehan is able to think of creative solutions for his clients. The operations team and the back-office support Rehan and his team, and reduce the stress-load, making doing business much easier. AdvicePeriod takes care of the smaller things that would take attention away from his clients and their needs.

AdvicePeriod’s technology has simplified Rehan’s ability to work with his clients. While many other wealth managers tend to resist adapting to utilizing technology, Rehan believes it is the future of the business and has noticed an abundance of FinTech companies joining the wealth management space.  He also appreciates AdvicePeriod’s focus on data aggregation because the rest of the world has become increasingly concentrated on data. The extensive collection of data with novel technology allows Rehan to help his clients make the best decisions possible.

In his free time, Rehan enjoys playing tennis, golf, or being outdoors and is an avid movie-goer. He also reaps the benefits of meditation.

Insight from Rehan

On how AdvicePeriod treats its clients differently:

I think we are at the forefront of change in the industry and how we work with clients. One thing we are doing is checking if a flat fee instead of an AUM fee makes sense for a client. We focus on the areas we believe matter to our clients. These days any firm can manage money, it has become a commoditized business, but AdvicePeriod is focusing on the things that are a little more difficult around financial planning and estate tax planning. Our main goal is to alleviate the financial stress on our clients and to be their personal CFO.  I think that’s a very different platform than what we are seeing with most traditional wealth managers who are highly investment-focused. That’s all they really want to do, manage money, which I believe is the easiest part of our job. I think over time, the industry will look similar to our philosophy and ideals, and I know we are definitely at the forefront of that change.

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