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Rehan Chaudhry

“We understand that your wealth isn’t only about the numbers. It’s also about the emotions behind it. We work with high-net-worth entrepreneurs and corporate executives to help relieve their financial anxiety.”

We like to think of ourselves as the “go to” for everything to do with your wealth. Our goal is to help affluent business owners and corporate executives optimize their wealth so they can live their best lives.


We believe that your wealth, like your business, is an important enterprise that requires effective planning. Serving as your personal CFO, we take an integrated approach to building and preserving your wealth that encompasses financial planning, estate planning, investment planning and reporting.

Financial Planning. Starting with your personal balance sheet, we analyze your cash flow from a spending needs perspective and make recommendations as necessary. Next, we examine your tax situation to help ensure you are taking advantage of all strategies available to you to reduce your overall tax liability. We then review your insurance policies, including life, property and casualty, disability, and long-term care, to make certain your coverage is appropriate for your circumstances.

Estate Planning. On the estate planning side, we review all your core documents, including wills, trusts, powers of attorney and health care powers of attorney. We summarize their provisions to ensure you fully understand them and recommend the creation of new documents if they are outdated or incomplete. For clients with assets greater than $10 million, we can help architect, implement and administer complex estate planning transactions for transfer tax mitigation.

Investment Planning. To ensure your investment portfolio remains aligned with your objectives, we regularly review your asset allocation—not only the assets we manage for you, but your overall portfolio—and rebalance it as needed. We advise you on various retirement planning strategies to help ensure you are optimizing those available to you as well as develop a tax-efficient retirement withdrawal plan. Additionally, we can advise you structuring, refinancing and consolidating your debt.

Reporting. We provide the oversight, fee management and coordination necessary for proper allocation of all your assets, including real estate and private equity. Leveraging advanced technology, we seek to deliver clear, consolidated reporting on all your investments, entities and generations, giving you full transparency into your estate and the assets that have been transferred to your heirs.

Investing involves risk, including the potential loss of principal, and there can be no guarantee that any planning or investment strategy will be successful.

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We can work with your other wealth team members, including your estate planning attorney, tax accountant, insurance agent and other professionals, to efficiently coordinate all aspects of your financial life. More than financial planning, we think of it as “life planning.”

On the tangible side, that means understanding your multifaceted needs and what you want to accomplish with your wealth. We not only build a plan for you that takes into account various aspects of your wealth, but we also educate you on how to be a good steward of it. On the intangible side, that means helping you navigate the often-emotional transition from business owner to investor.

Over the years, we’ve found that entrepreneurs who have recently sold their businesses feel they lack purpose in their lives post-exit. They have reaped the considerable fruits of their many years of labor yet don’t know what to do with those assets. We strive to ease this transition by helping them make sound, data-driven decisions about their wealth and connecting it to a purpose. We also give them access to an ecosystem of entrepreneurs they can tap into for support and advice.


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