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We help you achieve the goals that are most important to you.

Most advisors zero in on asset allocation, but the truth is that will only get you so far. That’s why we want to know everything about your family’s wealth. From there we can help you execute the key components of your plan.

Where we deliver impact.

Financial planning

It’s math first and emotion second at AdvicePeriod. We use the latest software to make sure the math adds up in your financial plan and then help you understand what kind of volatility your portfolio might demonstrate.

Trust and estate planning

Unlike most firms, estate planning at AdvicePeriod means more than just referring you to an attorney. Our team of former practicing estate attorneys will review your plan and then suggest changes in coordination with an estate planning attorney. We are known for estate planning and even created Vanilla to help other advisors do their job well.

[2] Mariner’s affiliates have a passive, direct or indirect minority financial interest in Vanilla, a software solution that provides certain legal services. To the extent that a client requires these services, we recommend Vanilla, all of which services shall be rendered independent of MWA pursuant to a separate agreement between the client and Vanilla.

CFO services

The hardest question most clients have to answer is “how much do you spend?” With less than sufficient bookkeeping and bill pay solutions, we took matters into our own hands and now offer this as a service. Learn More

Insurance reviews

You may need life insurance. You most certainly need property and casualty insurance. We want to make sure you have the proper coverage by reviewing what you have and suggesting improvements where they make sense.

Investment management and oversight

We want to help our clients create and maintain tangible wealth by investing in a tax-efficient and low-cost manner that balances risk and return based on the client’s goals. We believe in a disciplined, diversified approach to asset allocation.

Who we deliver it for.

Wealthy families and individuals

Our founders have been providing wealth advisory for decades to the millionaires next door all the way up to the billionaires you read about in the papers. Our team is accustomed to working with executives at public companies and their Section 16 issues. We even understand aircraft ownership and yacht management. It’s pretty unlikely you’ll throw something at us that we have not seen before. And if we can do these things, we can undoubtedly execute a financial plan and provide investment oversight. We are ready to help you meet your goals.

Families with taxable estates

The current estate tax rate is 40%. Proper planning can move assets out of your taxable estate and save your heirs that 40% tax. Where can you get a 40% guaranteed return without taking portfolio risk?

Private equity principals and hedge fund principals

Planning for owners of businesses that have a carried interest is different. It requires special knowledge and there are special tax rules to consider. At AdvicePeriod we have the expertise to work with these types of clients and have done so for a long time. An error in planning can be incredibly expensive if not property executed.

Business owners

You carefully assembled a team as you were building your business. It’s just as essential to build a team as you plan for a sale or exit. At AdvicePeriod, our experts can relieve the many financial anxieties that come with liquidity events. Acting as your personal CFO, we help you make informed decisions, advising you on all aspects of financial and estate planning, tax mitigation and investing. Over time, we help you move from entrepreneur to investor.


Partners with top tier firms need unique guidance on financial matters. AdvicePeriod provides comprehensive and integrated solutions to lawyers at all stages of their careers. From becoming a partner to considering retirement, our team advises on all aspects of your financial life, including: investment management, estate planning, insurance, benefits election, charitable giving and residential financing. When it comes to reaching your goals, we refuse to let you settle. Learn More

We keep you in the know.

We provide consolidated reporting so you always know where you are and where you’re going. What’s more, our ongoing collaboration with your other trusted advisors ensures your decisions and requests are handled quickly and your investments are always maximized.

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