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Dedicated to the financial needs of attorneys.

Our Attorney Practice Group works with partners of top tier firms providing wealth management advisory services customized to the specific needs of the legal community.

Unlike generalist advisors, we understand your unique financial circumstances:

  • Partnership Compensation Structures
  • Capital Accounts
  • Retirement Plans (401(k)s, HR 10s, CBP, Pensions, Deferred Compensation)
  • Comprehensive Insurance Needs (Disability, Long-Term Care, Life and Property & Casualty, including Umbrella)
  • Credit and Financing Needs
  • Multi Generational and Tax Efficient Estate Planning
  • Changing Landscape of the Legal Industry

Everything you’re looking for in an advisor

Technical expertise.

Our senior advisors and wealth strategists are composed of former attorneys, accountants, investment officers and government/economic policy professionals averaging over twenty years of related experience. We possess the technical expertise and professional experience to address all of your financial matters.

Delivering comprehensive solutions.

Our team provides comprehensive and integrated solutions to lawyers at all stages of their careers, from partnership admission through retirement. We advise on all aspects of our clients’ financial life, including investment management, retirement planning, estate planning, insurance, benefits election, charitable giving and residential financing.

Providing truly independent advice.

AdvicePeriod is not part of or owned by a bank, brokerage firm or trust company. By nature, these types of organizations and ownership structures create bias and conflicts of interest. We have been independent from day one — delivering advice that is in your best interest.

Built for personal attention.

It’s not uncommon for a financial advisor to serve 100 or more clients. And with that kind of client to advisor ratio, there can be very little focus on you as an individual. Our Attorney Practice Group limits the number of clients for each of our advisors to ensure a truly personalized commitment to your particular needs. It’s a specialized, boutique approach to building long-term relationships.

Grounded in a highly disciplined investment approach.

Our goals-based investment philosophy adapts to your career track and life journey. Our focus is on building broadly diversified, tax-efficient and fee-conscious investment portfolios tailored to your short-and long-term goals. Asset allocation and investment selection are determined based on what we can control: fees and expenses, asset class diversification and goal time frame rather than attempting to forecast near-term market returns. It’s a highly disciplined goals-based approach that leads to the best possible outcomes for our clients.

And always completely transparent.

We want you to have instant access to all facets of your investments so you can see your complete financial picture — anywhere and at any time. Leveraging the best technology available, we give you the transparency you demand. This not only allows you to quickly assess where you are in your financial plan, it makes it easy for you to keep on track.

Meet the team.

Our Attorney Practice Group is a national team with decades of experience working with law firm partners and their respective firms.

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