Mitchell Spinneburg

Mitch is an Advisor at AdvicePeriod. He serves as the main point of contact for many of our ultra-high net worth clients where he provides services such as investment management, financial planning, estate and tax planning.

For Mitch, it’s a passion to assist individuals and families with their needs, always going above and beyond to add value to the clients, the team, and the firm. At AdvicePeriod, we strive to solve the most complex problems with clear and simple solutions for our clients.

He graduated Summa Cum Laude from the University of San Diego and earned a Bachelor of Business Administration degree in Finance. Mitch experienced notable differences in the culture and innovative mindset at AdvicePeriod as an intern. Most firms seemed to be rooted in routine, habits, and antiquated technology. AdvicePeriod was different, they had a startup culture, fresh perspectives, and a willingness to explore new technologies to stay ahead of the competition.

AdvicePeriod’s wealth of experience, exposure to learning opportunities, and the ability for professional development has been phenomenal. Unlike the mundane responsibilities that accompany most positions in finance, Mitch finds himself refreshed and stimulated by his changing day-to-day tasks. At AdvicePeriod, he enjoys tackling complex projects or clients that his team often encounters.

Mitch has recognized to be successful at AdvicePeriod you had to have a desire to learn and consistently strive to improve. The meritocracy culture results in more opportunities and growth for their employees they may not experience elsewhere. We are a culture where if you are involved in the meeting you are expected to share your thoughts and participate. We are looking to be the firm of the future, by being more transparent, honest, and delivering the highest level of excellence to our clients.

Thanks to the strong, positive culture, the people Mitch works with are also his friends. Some of his most favorable memories on the team stem from the holiday parties, which he believes get better and better each year. Out-of-office events such as these, in which teammates dress up and bring family members, allow for stronger, more personal relationships with teammates.

In his free time, Mitch enjoys staying active and spending time with friends and family.

On how AdvicePeriod gives back to the team:

AdvicePeriod really values their employees. The team notices if you are doing well, working hard, or contributing to expansion. If you are trying to make the company better and striving to improve your team and improve your role, the company rewards you for that. AdvicePeriod will help you develop as a leader and as a teammate. I think if you continue to put in the effort, the company will then invest in you.

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