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Our Perspective


Most advisors use the same type of modeling to deliver asset allocation recommendations.  Active management – the belief that “my manager choice is better than theirs” – often performs worse than passive solutions. The real value of an advisor is most often seen in the advice they deliver. Times have changed. So, why pay a premium to your advisor to receive only investment management?

Most investors are their own worst enemies. Multiple studies illustrate that over time the average investor significantly under-performs the markets due to behavioral tendencies that all humans are susceptible to. Many individuals buy high and sell low as the emotions of greed and fear win over discipline and long-term planning. Advisor discipline is as important as investor discipline.



Fees should never be fuzzy

Although a sound investment plan is the bedrock to achieving long-term portfolio goals, access to information and computing power has commoditized much of what typical investment managers and brokers provide. The fact is, most investors don’t know what they pay to access their financial solutions — or even if their advisor has an economic conflict of interest.

Fees matter. And getting value for your fees matters even more.
If you haven’t asked your current advisor to show you all the fees you pay – implicit and explicit – then you may not know what you are giving away (or what you’re getting in return).

Know what you don’t know when it comes to selecting an advisor.

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What you avoid may be worth more than what you earn

Avoiding a costly decision or unnecessary taxes can make a meaningful impact. A great advisor will keep you from buying that condo in Miami for the 110% mortgage in a speculative market. For the exceptionally wealthy, a few carefully considered tax or estate planning strategies can change a generational balance sheet in ways that no diversified portfolio can on its own. Furthermore, for investors looking to maximize what their beneficiaries receive — by minimizing the government’s share — proactive and creative planning is the most essential component for success.


Occasionally you may need to be saved from yourself

For families building wealth below the estate tax threshold, planning for retirement, or any occasion of significance, success requires the two virtues most investors lack: discipline and patience. Without the proper advice and guidance, a costly mistake may be one decision away.

A real advisor, provides advice – period. They don’t just tell you what you want to hear or worry first about how they can earn from your actions. We are committed to helping you understand the pros and cons of every decision.



A word on proactivity

Inherent conflicts of interest can get in the way of quality advice. Lawyers often don’t call their clients with proactive ideas for this very reason. It’s not them; it’s just the nature of the industry. But what about the other professionals you rely on? Are they too busy? Or are they simply content being reactive?

At AdvicePeriod, we don’t believe in waiting for the phone to ring. We proactively bring you fresh ideas and valuable thinking because we realize that you don’t know what you don’t know. Identifying opportunities and preventing problems is our responsibility to you.