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Chrissy Canapari

Chrissy Canapari
Canapari Chrissy

Partner Advisor


Chrissy Canapari, ChFC® is a Partner Advisor with AdvicePeriod. Starting her career in finance over 20 years ago, Chrissy has extensive experience with giving her clients the highest quality of client care and satisfaction. Through comprehensive financial planning and investment, she has helped her clients overcome financial obstacles and build a secure framework for retirement.

When Chrissy, a Partner Advisor in Rhode Island, learned that AdvicePeriod was located on the other side of the country, she was apprehensive about joining the team. She wondered how the time change would affect her ability to partner with them and if they could provide adequate support around the clock. Chrissy is pleased to admit that her concerns were unfounded and that the friendly team in Operations provides constant support that exceeds expectations.

The sense of community and camaraderie that makes up AdvicePeriod’s intentional culture was the main reason Chrissy found herself joining the team. She was also seeking more specialized investment options for her higher net worth clients and wanted to be able to take advantage of strategies, such as tax-loss harvesting and using individual bonds. After meeting the team in Los Angeles and seeing how concerned they were with making sure anyone who joined the team was going to be a good partner and a good fit, she was sold.

Chrissy has found that AdvicePeriod’s Financial Advisors Digital Platform allows her to engage her clients in the planning process to a much greater extent. Planning software makes it easy for her clients to understand and interpret their financial plans so that they can ask informed questions. Seeing her clients interested in the process has been incredibly rewarding for Chrissy. The technology that AdvicePeriod utilizes also makes her more efficient so that she has more time to spend with her clients and focus on financial planning.

In addition to the immense support Chrissy receives from AdvicePeriod, she also feels she has the luxury of working with two former colleagues who also joined the team. While running their own business within the same office, they also feel connected to the larger AdvicePeriod team and receive individual support. The Operations team that helps facilitate running her business completes all the necessary paperwork and forms. They take away the day-to-day work that she would have to be doing instead of spending more time planning with clients. Everyone she works with at AdvicePeriod is consistently positive and supportive. She truly believes that everyone is working towards the same goal and wants to be as helpful as they can.

When she does get a few moments of free time, Chrissy enjoys running and spending time by the water.

Insight from Chrissy:

On portfolio management:
Providing investment portfolios is extremely helpful because it allows me to concentrate on planning for my clients. AdvicePeriod helps by providing all of the investment allocations for the various risk tolerances of our clients. They also offer technology, which allows us to rebalance client accounts when necessary, for example, if we need to invest new money or the allocation shifts from its target. The technology is simple to use, and I can easily oversee the investments for my clients both on an account and portfolio level. It provides a straightforward solution to managing all of our clients’ accounts. So that’s been very useful in my practice.