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Exceptional wealth requires exceptional advice.

The traditional model for wealth management doesn’t begin to cover the needs of the ultra affluent. You face unique complexities only a few advisors truly understand. At AdvicePeriod, our Team has decades of experience that has yielded expertise across multiple disciplines. And today we’re structured to impact every facet of your wealth.


“For over two decades, Michael and I have involved Steve and AdvicePeriod in almost every major decision of our family office. Of course, they provide investment oversight like many in their industry, but more importantly they are involved in our estate planning, tax decisions, and offer a comprehensive approach that few financial advisories match.Their perspective is unique when it comes to the things that really matter - like maximizing what a family keeps.”

Michael Jordan’s Partner and Business Manager


"I spend my time working with the most accomplished actors and actresses, directors and producers, and their peers. These people are my clients and I work hard to serve them well. With AdvicePeriod I enjoy being the client. I know what good service looks like and am pleased to say that’s my experience. Their proactive approach and attention to detail translates into confidence. More importantly, I know that my estate, my tax matters, my investments and my lifestyle are cared for."

Co-Managing Partner of CAA


"We sold two businesses in roughly two years. On top of that, we had to worry about an infant while running our other two babies (the businesses) all the while raising capital, building the companies and then working with the new owners. That meant we needed someone to pay attention to our financial planning, our tax and estate strategy, and how to invest the proceeds. AdvicePeriod was an easy choice. They deal with the complexities so we don’t have to."

Founder of (now Lululemon) and Founder of Quovo (now Plaid)


"I’m focused on one thing at work - delivering value to my shareholders. In that regard, AdvicePeriod fills multiple roles for me: They run my financial life - from my real estate to strategic investments to estate planning and bill pay. They are my “one phone call.” Plus, as a public company CEO, it’s comforting to know that the team understands Section 16 issues and how to deal with public company executives. Most importantly, from an impact perspective, I enjoy their focus on what matters most."

Founder, Chairman and CEO of Lending Tree


"With nine children, a 1,000 person business and an active land acquisition business, AdvicePeriod has helped me keep it all straight. Over the years the majority of my estate has been protected from tax, my bookkeeping and bill payment is handled by their CFO Services, our company profit sharing plan and my personal assets have all been coordinated by the AP team."

Founder and CEO of JK Moving Services


*The person referenced above is a current client of AdvicePeriod and was not compensated for providing this testimonial.  The testimonial may not be representative of the experiences of other clients, and there is no guarantee of future performance or success.

Services for the ultra-affluent

Complex estate planning

We see estate planning as a way to disinherit Uncle Sam. With decades of experience working with clients that require special structures, our team will enable you to develop a plan that provides a legacy for future generations.

  • Private Equity/Hedge Fund Principals and Managers
  • Real Estate Syndicators
  • Other businesses with carried interest

Investment advisory and oversight

At AdvicePeriod, we believe that a true advisor should focus first on advice and then use investments to implement that advice. It’s our job to help you achieve your objectives through focus, planning, and discipline.

  • Portfolio Accounting and Performance Reporting
  • Fee minimization
  • Proactive tax management

Income and estate tax

Taxes can have the greatest impact on your wealth, so we’ve built a team with tremendous expertise in planning. We’ve addressed 409(a) matters for a top television producer. And we routinely find and save NIIT issues for clients who were about to pay unnecessarily. Focusing on taxes, we can quickly improve your financial picture, and help you leave behind a legacy.

Expertise in concentrated holdings and diversification strategies

  • 10b5-1 planning
  • 144 planning
  • OTC derivatives for estate planning and concentrated planning
    • Forwards
    • Collars
    • Exchange funds
  • Section 16 issues for C-level executives
  • Section 1202 (QSBS) optimization

Private Trust Companies

Anyone willing to take on the risk to be a trustee for a wealthy family doesn’t know what they’re doing. And you don’t want someone like that as your fiduciary. In order to ensure consistency and continuity, AdvicePeriod will work with you to create a private trust company. From our perspective, it’s the best way to ensure solid generational planning and complete professionalism. We’re focused on creating stewardship after all — not creating trust fund babies.

Professional sports transactions

At AdvicePeriod, we are highly adept at developing and implementing strategies with professional sports teams. In 2019 alone we assisted clients in purchasing part of an NFL team, selling part of an NBA team, and investing in an NHL expansion team. AdvicePeriod also ran point on negotiations for the largest sports marketing deal in the history of sports.

Bespoke services

In the market for a private jet or a new yacht? We’ve helped to find, acquire and coordinate the refurbishment of private aircraft. Our team has also worked to structure deals for the purchase of client’s yachts, including negotiating pricing and management set up. Finally, we have been heavily involved in multiple transactions involving high-value real estate for our clients. We’re here with the exceptional advice you need.

Bill pay

Yes, we can take care of that, too. Our team will create a paperless process that ensures complete transparency. Should you ever have a question, you’ll be able to instantly access accounts anywhere, anytime. Learn more about our CFO Services.

The right fees for the right services.

We understand how confusing fees can be, and we want to make sure you never overpay for services that are overvalued. We offer fixed fees for 95% of our revenue, and lower fees for hard-to-add-value services such as investing.

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