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Brett Nelson, CFP®

“We work with business owners and executives to help them achieve success in their personal financial lives.”

We strive to be proactive problem solvers who help business owners and executives alleviate the stress of managing their financial lives so they can focus on their businesses, families and pursuits.

While every client has a different vision for success, there are several important qualities that we believe our clients and prospective clients value most.

  • Comprehensive. We provide advice across the full spectrum of issues that touch their finances, including tax, estate planning, investments, cash flow and insurance. We also help clients with intergenerational planning issues.
  • Convenient. Our clients’ most precious asset is time. Our service model is designed to provide a “one-stop shop” to address all their priorities, allowing them to delegate much of the organizational and analytical aspects of their finances to our team.
  • Quality. We have access to tools and resources that allow us to create strategies designed to help our clients accomplish their goals.
  • Transparency. Our compensation model is straightforward and aligned with the value of the advice services that we provide.
  • Caring. We take the time to know our clients beyond their investment portfolio. Through a deeper understanding of our clients as fellow humans, we can better support them in fulfilling their goals and navigating life events.

We believe there are three components needed to execute a successful financial strategy: financial framework, financial offense and financial defense.

  • Financial Framework: Foundation for Success. You’re too busy to focus on your financial life. Coordinating with your tax, legal and other professionals, we can establish a framework to organize your financial affairs and leverage potential opportunities. We’ll gather and analyze your financial information as well as set up a schedule to review and update your wealth plan as needed.
  • Financial Offense: Wealth Accumulation and Tax Efficiency. You’re looking to steadily build wealth while reducing your lifetime income taxes. By defining your financial goals, efficiently allocating your cash flow and identifying strategies to lower your tax liability, our goal is to help you accelerate your progress toward financial freedom.
  • Financial Defense: Lifestyle Protection and Estate Organization. Protecting your family’s lifestyle against the unforeseen and leaving an organized estate we believe should be a priority for you. We’ll identify current risks and recommend insurance coverages, if needed, as well as help ensure you put documents in place and properly fund your estate.
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Prospective Clients

Wealth planning is not a “one and done” exercise. Instead, we believe it’s an ongoing, holistic process—one that involves helping our clients on both the strategic level (planning) and the tactical level (prioritizing and executing).

1. Introductory Meeting

  • Understand your financial situation
  • Identify your priorities and goals
  • Identify causes of any financial problems
  • Quantify cost of the problem(s)

2. Financial Success Road Map

  • Overview of learning from intro meeting
  • Review your financial priorities
  • Overview of scope of services
  • Discuss fees and next steps

3. Onboarding Meeting

  • Identify immediate action items
  • Discuss account set up/transfer
  • Administer risk tolerance assessment
  • Schedule first strategy meeting

Existing Clients

We believe that a more dynamic approach to planning and wealth management is effective in working with clients whose income and assets are growing rapidly and whose work and family lives are constantly evolving. Our ongoing 3-step process is designed to help you meet your financial objectives.

1. Organize

  • Organize all aspects of your financial life
  • Provide aggregated reporting of assets, liabilities and cash flow
  • Store secure digital backup of financial information

2. Strategize

  • Wealth accumulation: help you steadily build wealth
  • Tax efficiency: help reduce your remaining lifetime income taxes
  • Estate organization: help you leave an organized estate
  • Lifestyle protection: help protect your family’s lifestyle against risk

3. Prioritize

  • Translate strategy into action
  • Lead team of professionals to implement recommendations

Brett’s Team

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