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Daniel Legault, CFP®

“You control your money, don’t let money control you.”

Redefining what it means to work with a Financial Advisor

I consider myself fortunate to have two 20 year careers centered around helping people. While my past daily responsibilities as a firefighter could not have been more different than my current life as a financial advisor, I have come to realize at its core the roles are very similar; helping people. Now I enjoy helping people proactively plan for a successful future – in the past emergency situations often meant helping people reactively, in some cases to ensure they had a future.

I first help to untangle the financial knot in people’s lives. This sometimes necessitates “opening the hood” of our industry, shedding light on the good, not so good, and what a trusted financial advisor should actually be doing for them. I then provide the motivation and support to keep the knot from forming again. To achieve successful outcomes we work on three things: mindset, strategy, and execution.

Clients who partner with me want a financial advisor who is different and focused on the high-impact things that matter most to them (tax, their time, and life transitions). They want someone who has the time for them, values quality over quantity of relationships, and finally, they want someone to protect them from the big money mistakes.

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Grounded in robust planning

While we don’t claim to be smarter than everyone else, we’re certain we have a better approach, delivering actionable insights that make a difference now and in the long run.

Fueled by unique expertise

The way we see it, there’s a lot more to managing wealth than just managing investments. That’s why our experts focus on helping you keep more of your wealth over time.

Marked by full access and transparency

There’s no waiting around for a quarterly meeting. We’re always here for you. And we make it easy for you to see any or all your account information whenever you want.

Lead by industry mavericks

We have a long history of disruption, doing things in a way that rocks our industry. And it’s all done to improve the lives of those who rely on our advice.

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