Todd Butler
Todd Butler
Location: Los Angeles, California
Focus: Individuals, Families, Unmarried and Same-Sex Couples
Clients: Around 75
Experience: Around 20 Years
Former Role: Non-equity advisor at regional RIA
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Q: What has been your biggest surprise since joining AdvicePeriod?

A: The culture. Every teammate and partner alike is willing to help with complex issues and questions and there is a network of like-minded partners across the country that I am able to leverage whenever I need to. At AdvicePeriod, I can rely on teammates and other partners to enable me to be a better advisor to my clients.

Q: What did the transition process look like for you?

A: Approximately 80% of my clients reached out to me within the first week and expressed they wanted to transition to AP. I was overwhelmed but the transition team had my back and helped take all of my client portfolios and plans and get them transitioned to the AdvicePeriod model. I couldn’t have imagined the transition being as successful if I had to go out on my own and do all of it with limited support or by myself.

Q: Were you comfortable relying on the AdvicePeriod team?

A: Not at first. I never had a support team to rely on so I had trouble delegating my responsibilities. Once I realized I was working with experienced advisors with credentials such as JDs and CFPs, I knew they could help get my clients successfully transitioned and on boarded.

Q: What are the other key ingredients to your client happiness and growth formula?

A: The AdvicePeriod team is strong. I’ve had help from the principals to the interns. It’s all included in being a partner.

Q: How did AdvicePeriod help you build out your team?

A: In addition to utilizing the broader operational, technology and compliance support team available to all partners, AdvicePeriod helped me hire my dedicated team advisor, Ross Kroll, CFP. I originally wanted to hire someone with less experience, but AdvicePeriod convinced me otherwise and they trained Ross quickly and got him up to speed. Having someone with a CFP and service background on my team has added tremendous value to my clients and allowed my business to become operationally more efficient, and in turn, grow more significantly.

Q: What have been your greatest frustrations since joining?

A: We’ve had some operational challenges. We are still working out some of the wrinkles in our technology. We’re doing things differently. A learning curve is to be expected.

Q: As a whole, are you happy with how your business is run under AdvicePeriod’s platform?

A: Yes – no question. The AdvicePeriod team and technology-forward model has effectively taken about 3 months a year of work off my plate. That means I have more time for my clients, which is my true passion.

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