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Wealth Management Services

“In preparing for battle, I have always found that plans are useless but planning is indispensable.”

– Dwight D. Eisenhower, former US President and five-star general

Off-the-shelf service models? Please.

Most wealth advisors focus solely on investments, at the expense of planning. We believe that a true advisor should focus first on advice and then use investments as a mechanism to implement that advice. Your investment portfolio is important, but it is only one component of a complete financial plan. We offer an immense range of wealth advisory services – planning, investing, execution – that are personalized to your specific situation:

  • Estate Plan Review
  • Retirement Planning
  • Life Insurance Review & Oversight
  • P&C Review & CoordinationCompensation Negotiation
  • Family Counseling
  • Family Philanthropy
  • Family Governance & Education
  • Cashiering & Money Management
  • Investment: Fee Review & Negotiation
  • Investment: Portfolio Management
  • Investment: Performance Measurement
  • Investment: Portfolio Accounting
  • Concentrated Stock Management (Derivatives, etc.)
  • Section 16 Expertise
  • Estate Planning: Administration / Probate
  • Estate Planning: Architect & Design
  • Estate Planning: Coordinate Drafting
  • Estate Planning: Implement & Execute
  • Estate Planning: Maintain & Administer
  • PTC Setup & Management
  • Private Travel: Acquisition & Management
  • Special Asset Purchase

Disciplined Investing – plain and simple

Intelligent investing is a core component of our offering. Although the tools to build a great portfolio are widely available to consumers and professionals alike, many investors fail to properly utilize these resources. To simplify your life, you’ll find everything you need to plan – and execute – your successful strategy at AdvicePeriod. We know our role is to help clients achieve their objectives through focus, planning, and discipline.

In order to deliver a portfolio designed to achieve every client’s individual objectives, we understand your road map, including:

  • Where you are today – your balance sheet
  • Where you want to go – your retirement or financial objectives
  • How you are going to get there – your cash flows and your estate plan

This scientific process will determine how much return – and associated risk – you must take to arrive at your destination. No guessing, no sales pitch. Just math.