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CFO Services

Personal Financial Management

Accuracy. Accountability. Insight. We believe personal financial management services go far beyond the core competencies of bill pay and bookkeeping. Our concierge approach to financial reporting and analysis is designed to provide you insight into and oversight of your budgeting, cash and debt management needs.  Our team assists with supervision and management of day-to-day activities while working with you to formulate goals, develop strategies, and long-range planning.

  • Bill Pay
  • Financial Statements
  • Cash Flow Analysis
  • Balance Sheet (Liability) Management
  • Liquidity Management
  • Entity Accounting & Reporting
  • Reconciliation of activity from flow-through entities
  • Entity Management (e.g., LLC annual filings)
  • Record Keeping of Personal Property
  • Electronic Vault  
  • Personal Construction Management
  • Bank Financing Analysis & Negotiation (ex. Mortgage)
  • Property Management (Personal RE)
  • Special Projects (Pro Sports Teams, etc.)


Why AdvicePeriod

Clients want integrated solutions

In imagining the integrated, professional services firm of the future, we sought not to replicate the large firm approach to cross-sell services (and definitely not products), but rather to refine an advice-driven model that operates at the intersection of personal wealth, tax, and business management. Clients are not best served with siloed expertise and rarely with conflicted advice. 

AdvicePeriod’s multidisciplinary model offers more opportunities for collaboration and holistic solutions.  

Integrated solutions they understand

Making important decisions about your overall financial picture can be difficult enough without the added frustration of industry jargon and highly complex terminology.  Too often we meet individuals who have made poor choices because they didn’t understand the terms, the options, or the possible ramifications. And few understood what they were actually paying in expenses.

We insist on absolute clarity at AdvicePeriod — both on our part, and on the part of other trusted advisors.  You can expect transparency into every aspect of your financial life; as detailed or high-level as you need.

Unprecedented access to information – transparency into what matters

Investment management, uncomplicated

Core legal documents made easy

For wealthy families, quality planning moves the needle far more than investing