Join our mission to reinvent wealth management.

Our mission hasn’t changed. Our platform has.
Join a team of innovators that are here to change the industry as we know it.


AdvicePeriod was started in 2013 to reinvent wealth management.

While most of the industry was focused on wealth management, we rewrote the playbook.

We automated everything that could be automated, and priced accordingly.

Our clients typically pay a fixed fee or AUM fee for what is most important: advice.

AdvicePeriod: an entirely different approach to wealth management

Our vision is simple: We want to continue to reinvent the wealth management industry.

The wealthiest clients demand a different experience. We deliver deeper, better advice that typically yields immediate and tangible results.

A revolutionary fee model. Disruptive technology. Cutting edge advice.

Complete transparency—we dare the industry to follow.


The new partnership with Mariner Wealth Advisors will turbocharge our vision.

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Growth capital to pursue our mission and power our ongoing trust and estate services, business services and tech.

Our deep bench of experts just got deeper.

Hundreds of advisors to test, refine and roll out new solutions.

For over two decades, Michael and I have involved Steve and AdvicePeriod in almost every major decision of our family office. Of course they provide investment oversight like many in their industry, but more importantly they are involved in our estate planning, tax decisions, and offer a comprehensive approach that few financial advisories match. Their perspective is unique when it comes to the things that really matter – like maximizing what a family keeps.

Curtis Polk*Michael Jordan’s Partner and Business Manager

*Current client of AdvicePeriod


It’s not a job, it’s a mission.

Join us today:


Needed: wealth managers, estate planning attorneys, tax accountants.

Work and learn with some of the world’s smartest and wealthiest people.

Help change the wealth management industry as we know it.

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