Rehan Chaudhry

Location: Los Angeles, California
Focus: Entrepreneurs & Business Leaders
Clients: Around 20
Experience: 20 Years
Former Role: Investment Banker

Q: What were you doing before AdvicePeriod?

I started my career as an investment banker before transitioning to private banking and wealth management. I’ve been in financial services for almost 20 years.

Q: Why did you become an advisor?

As an investment banker, I was exposed to business owners, both pre and post liquidity. I soon realized even the best M&A advisors often missed estate planning opportunities that would maximize their clients’ balance sheet. I wanted to help.

Q: Why not start your own firm – you have an extensive network and great clients?

I considered starting my own firm. Ultimately, AdvicePeriod offered me the freedom, flexibility, and financial rewards of owning my own business – without the headaches. Plus, AdvicePeriod has resources I could not possibly access on my own.

Q: How does AdvicePeriod help you grow your business?

The entire team at AdvicePeriod are experts on planning. I leverage their expertise by bringing the team to my client meetings – including Steve Lockshin. The opportunity to have Barron’s #1* advisor in a meeting with you is invaluable to the client experience and to my own development as an advisor. Everyone benefits.

*Barron’s recognitions are based upon factors including: assets under management, revenue produced for the firm, regulatory record, and quality of practice. Quality of practice includes an advisor’s regulatory/compliance record and philanthropic and charitable work.

Q: Describe the moment you knew joining AdvicePeriod was the right decision.

Within my first few months at AdvicePeriod, with the help of my partners, I was able to bring on an ultra-high net worth client worth over $100 million. I am able to help this family in ways I could have only imagined at my prior firms – or if I had my own company.

Q: Advice for advisors considering AdvicePeriod?

AdvicePeriod will not be a fit for everyone. You need to be planning focused, tech enabled, and committed to reinventing wealth management to focus on what really matters to clients. Don’t expect to charge 1% and golf every day at AdvicePeriod. We’re impacting lives and changing the industry.

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