Lizz Schneider


Lizz Schneider

Location: Plover, Wisconsin
Focus: Individuals and Business Owners
Clients: Around 40
Experience: +25 Years

Q: Why did you become an advisor?

I love working with people and I love helping people reach their goals! When I was being pursued by a bank brokerage, I realized that I could help my clients with all of their financial planning needs, have a challenging, never boring career, and make a good living while I’m at it.

Q: Why were you looking to leave your prior firm?

Big Corporate America. I found that after my firm merged, it was anything but a merger of equals. My practice simply became a revenue source for the firm. I was ready to manage my own practice, with a firm that can help me to do what I love most: helping clients.

Q: Why AdvicePeriod?

I found that AdvicePeriod was aligned with my values. I decided that I could make more of an impact with my clients and pursue my business plan the way I wanted to, with a supportive team around me to help make it happen.

Q: What did the transition process look like to you?

My transition moved much quicker than I originally anticipated. The transition team flew into my hometown in a matter of days, helping make calls with former clients and teaching me all of AdvicePeriod’s technology. It was really an amazing few days.

Q: What was your biggest surprise since joining AdvicePeriod?

The Operations Team. They’re so helpful and knowledgeable, always ready to help with a positive attitude. I’m really so thankful for the support I’ve gotten and continue to get because that just hasn’t been my experience in the past. Corporate structures were much more hierarchical and it tended to be Us vs. Them. At AdvicePeriod, it’s so much more of a team culture.

Q: Most memorable moment since joining?

When I first joined, the people in the Los Angeles office sent me a video welcoming me–seriously! I was thinking, “Who does this?” Definitely made me feel happy I joined.

Q: How does AdvicePeriod help you grow your business?

AdvicePeriod allows me to grow the way I want to. This group of innovative and supportive ‘disruptors’ will give me guidance and assistance as needed, but then they get out of my way to let me do what I know will make my business successful.

Q: What advice do you have for Advisors considering AdvicePeriod?

Figure out what your non-negotiables are that will help you be successful. For me, these items aligned well with what AdvicePeriod had to offer. Determine how entrepreneurial and self-motivated you are. Thoroughly understand your relationships with your clients and have confidence in yourself!

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