Katherine Simmonds


Katherine Simmonds

Location: San Francisco, California
Focus: Lawyers
Clients: Around 50
Experience: +20 Years

Q: Why did you become an advisor?

I wanted the ability to provide a meaningful and positive service to families and individuals.

Q: Why were you looking to leave your prior firm?

I wanted to retain ownership of my client base, obtain needed business support, and continue to build value over time.

Q: Why AdvicePeriod?

At AdvicePeriod, I have ownership in my business and more control over the client experience. I believe planning and advice is the foundation of any client relationship. AdvicePeriod and I share the same values.

Q: What was your client reaction to the news you joined AdvicePeriod?

My clients were very curious to hear where I moved and why. They were diligent in asking lots of questions and as I began to explain AdvicePeriod’s planning and investment philosophy and the technology platform, they were excited about making the move with me.

Q: What surprises have you encountered since joining?

I did my due diligence before I started. Nothing can fully prepare you for the move. I’ve been really impressed with the depth and breadth of our resources and institutional relationships. I thought my prior firms had connections, but AdvicePeriod’s surpassed my expectations.

Q: Most memorable moment since joining?

There are many! I’ll never forget the day I started. When I first walked into my temporary office, I was nervous! But there to greet me was my AdvicePeriod “Champion”–my wingman for success. He supported me through the entire on-boarding process, encouraged me at every step of the process, and made me feel extremely at ease. As a result, within two months, I transferred most of my client base.

Q: What advice do you have for Advisors considering AdvicePeriod?

Do it! Instead of getting stuck with busy work and relegating important strategic decisions to the back-burner, I encourage you to take the time to make the transition to a firm which gives you more control and support in building your business. Now I have more time to focus on my clients and my business. I wish I had made the move to AdvicePeriod sooner.

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