Dan Legault

Location: Providence, Rhode Island
Focus: Individuals and Families
Clients: Around 50
Experience: 17 Years

Q: Why did you become an advisor?

I chose to be a financial advisor because I love helping people, and am driven to provide positive outcomes given complex situations. I am also a retired firefighter and have spent 20 years essentially performing the same task of helping people. While the daily job tasks are widely different, at its core you must really want to help people and conditions can change rapidly if you are not prepared. I feel blessed to have been given this opportunity in not one but two different careers.

Q: What was your motivation to look for a better home for you and your clients?

My motivation to leave my prior firm was rooted in my belief that the old way of doing business would not work in the future. I worked with a fine group of professionals and enjoyed working with that team for over 10 years. However, industries change, technology changes, business models change, and I felt I needed to align with a firm with the leadership and flexibility to embrace that change. Ultimately, clients look to us as advisors to provide what we feel to be the best overall solution, and I feel that I have found that with AdvicePeriod.

Q: Why not start your own firm – you have an extensive network and great clients?

Starting on my own was not something I was interested in pursuing. Joining AdvicePeriod provided me with the opportunity to leverage cutting edge thought leaders, a deep support team, and a technology team that is continuously looking for ways to improve outcomes for clients. This is not something I wanted to tackle.

Q: What have been your greatest frustrations since joining?

Being at the forefront of technology requires an understanding of change, and also requires the ability to adapt to new solutions. When I first joined AdvicePeriod, I had to learn a host of new systems used internally and externally. We have since changed two of those systems which required me to re-learn these new systems. This was time-consuming and a bit frustrating but well worth the effort. AdvicePeriod will not settle for a particular program or way of doing business just because “that’s how we always did it.”

Q: What was your biggest surprise since joining AdvicePeriod?

The Operations Team. They’re so helpful and knowledgeable, always ready to help with a positive attitude. I’m really so thankful for the support I’ve gotten and continue to get because that just hasn’t been my experience in the past. Corporate structures were much more hierarchical and it tended to be Us vs. Them. At AdvicePeriod, it’s so much more of a team culture.

Q: Most memorable moment since joining?

There are so many memorable moments. When I was visiting the main office in Los Angeles, everyone I met was smiling and seemed genuinely happy to be at work. The atmosphere was energetic and positive. Being near Hollywood I just thought they had hired great temporary actors from central casting! When I left I knew I needed to be part of this team. Reflecting back, its obvious these were not actors. AdvicePeriod does not just promote positive culture; they go through great lengths to make this a reality.

Q: What advice do you have for Advisors considering AdvicePeriod?

  1. Visit the main office and talk to as many people as you can.
  2. Ask questions about the mission of AdvicePeriod and be sure you align with this mission.
  3. Develop a transition plan that suits your particular practice. Identify areas that you might not be that strong (client service, systems, etc), and ask AdvicePeriod how they can help you with this.
  4. Talk to other Partner Advisors who have joined.
  5. Think hard about where your firm is today, and do you think they will be operating the same way in 5 years. Will they be at the cutting edge or hanging on for survival.

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