Christopher Girbés
Christopher Girbés
Location: Los Angeles, California
Focus: Entertainment Industry and Entrepreneurs
Clients: Around 50
Experience: 15 Years
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Q: What were you doing before AdvicePeriod?

I was previously the owner/operator of my own independent registered advisory firm which was affiliated with the XY Planning Network, founded by Michael Kitces. I found a lot of value in being independent and was in the process of building a practice with technology at the core. After going independent, and as my business and revenue grew, I needed resources to help handle clients of increased complexity.

Q: Why did you become an advisor?

I grew up with and to a certain extent still have a lot of fear and anxiety around money. What I’ve found throughout my career though, is that this anxiety is totally normal and usually stems from a lack of education and understanding of personal finance. Over time, I became really passionate about providing people I care about with financial advice and planning so they could focus on the things that are most important to them, like their families, careers, and futures.

Q: Why not start your own firm – you have an extensive network and great clients?

I actually did start my own firm and grew and modeled it after AdvicePeriod. However, as my business grew, there was a need to scale the work I was doing and spend time on the things I am good at and enjoy.

Q: How does AdvicePeriod help you grow your business?

The support of the team at AdvicePeriod has allowed me to work with larger centers of influence that can refer me to larger clients. The resources and network at AdvicePeriod have led me to close the biggest client of my career. As my clients and business grow, AdvicePeriod has the resources available to provide planning and advice to the most complex financial situations.

Q: Describe the moment you knew joining AdvicePeriod was the right decision.

Before joining, I spent nearly four years talking with AdvicePeriod. I believed in their values and as I began to reach my capacity, I knew the move to AdvicePeriod was getting closer and closer. During this same period, I was introduced to the largest prospective client of my career. With such a complex situation, I knew the team and resources at AdvicePeriod would provide this individual with expertise and value that is second to none. AdvicePeriod has not only exposed me to larger business opportunities, but has put my clients in the best possible situation to receive the highest quality services.

Q: Advice for advisors considering AdvicePeriod?

Take your time and make sure your values are in alignment. It is important to join a team that treats clients and partners the same way and I found that at AdvicePeriod. Although it took awhile to take the plunge, I am very thankful that I did.

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