Top 9 Financial Advisor Marketing Ideas You Should Implement Right Away

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Marketing may not be top of mind for financial advisors as a business development lever. But in today’s atmosphere, digital marketing is arguably more important than ever, since we can’t network with people in person. Obviously, you ask for referrals. Obviously, you look for new and better opportunities to serve your existing clients, but what other marketing tactics do you employ to draw in cold leads? The quantity and quality of your cold leads—and how you handle them—could make or break your business.

Here are 9 marketing techniques you should begin implementing immediately:

  1. Host a Webinar

    This goes without saying, but as the host, be an absolute expert in the subject matter so you can really shine. Bring people from other, complementary firms on as guests and vice versa. The more (targeted) eyeballs, the better! Post on all platforms (social media, email newsletters, landing pages) about your webinar event, and even consider putting some advertising dollars behind your posts to try and attract people that may not yet be in your network.

  2. Publish Content

    Whether it’s owned (your blog), earned (reputable industry publications), or paid media (Google, Facebook, Instagram, etc.), make sure your content gets out there. There is obviously more content online than anyone could ever read, but you do have to play the game in order to win. Do yourself a favor: Be helpful and answer real questions; don’t just write fluff. Including keywords that your readers will actually search for will help with your search engine optimization. Earn awards and showcase them on your website. All of these outlets establish trust both with your target audience and with Google, resulting in higher search engine rankings and greater credibility.

  3. Leverage LinkedIn

    LinkedIn is a goldmine for potential referral sources and possibly even end clients. Refine LinkedIn search filters and clarify your value add before reaching out. LinkedIn also allows you to easily ask for a warm introduction through mutual connections. It essentially does the networking for you!

  4. Join a Mastermind Group

    Most “big business” cities have networking or “mastermind” groups available with free or paid memberships. Examples include YPO and Vistage. Members of these groups could potentially offer you invaluable feedback on your business, and the group as a whole provides an engaged, qualified audience to pitch. Within these groups, you can look for ways to collaborate amongst one another and solicit different points of view on various business issues. The best part is meetings can easily be conducted online to allow for safe social distancing.

  5. Appreciate Referrals

    If most of your business comes from referrals, remember to take the time to thank referral sources and show them how much you appreciate it. When it’s advisable and makes sense (and if you feel comfortable doing so), return the favor.

  6. Remember Client Birthdays

    This sounds old school but can make a huge difference. Jot notes down on important events in the lives of your clients. Make an effort to get to know clients’ kids, parents, friends, etc. The idea is to become a part of the family which fosters a sense of sincere loyalty.

  7. Determine ROI for Your Marketing Efforts

    Determine an ROI on your marketing efforts so you’re not reinventing the wheel or making the same mistakes over and over. Pay attention to the full sales cycle process, including all marketing touch points, so you can develop patterns and determine where your marketing efforts are making the biggest impact. Learn from the past and don’t just throw marketing tactic darts at a dartboard. You’ll just be throwing money away.

  8. Invest in your Website

    Financial services has a long way to go in the online user experience department. Making simple improvements to your client interface can go a long way to helping you stand out from the antiquated financial services crowd. Make your website sophisticated yet user friendly; it’s oftentimes the first impression prospective clients get of your business.

  9. Stand for Something

    Donate. Put your name and dollars behind something you believe in, whether nationally or in your community. Get your employees’ buy-in, and let them be your advocates.

Follow the nine financial advisor marketing steps above and watch notable growth in your business. It’s not rocket science, but it takes dedication and focus.

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