Don’t Start an RIA Before Reading This

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JUNE 13, 2019

Don’t Start an RIA
Before Reading This
By: Larry Miles
We have spoken with thousands of advisors. They are frustrated by their current firm. They’re looking for something better. And they are uninspired by their options.

As a result, many of these advisors believe their only hope is to start their own firm. We believe there is a better way that allows advisors to have the benefits of business ownership, without the hassle.

  • Advisors want to own their business and control their client experience. They are committed to their clients and their colleagues, and they know what is best for them.
  • A desire to help people inspire the best advisors. When running your own RIA, you often spend 25-50% of your time operating the business–which is not time spent on your passion.
  • Growing an RIA from scratch is hard. It’s much easier when you’re surrounded by a national network of like-minded advisors who together oversee multiple billions of dollars and have hundreds of clients.

AdvicePeriod believes advisors should have the freedom, flexibility and financial rewards of owning their business – without the headaches. Learn more today.
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