3 Ways Technology is Helping Us Work From Home (and 3 new things we’ve learned)

By March 19, 2020July 23rd, 2021No Comments

As the Coronavirus continues to change more facets of our personal and professional lives, we wanted to share how we have prepared ourselves to work from home since the company was started and what we’ve learned since we implemented a mandatory work from home policy for our Los Angeles headquarters.

These are challenging times for families and businesses. The more ideas we all share that could help someone, the better.

  • Everyone on the team is issued a laptop on their first day on the job. We use a VPN to securely connect to the internet when out of the office.
  • We have always been cloud based and paperless. Everything the team needs to access, can be done online.
  • Video conferencing has been a staple of our platform for years. It helps us communicate with our clients and our national network of financial advisors all over the country.

Since we started working from home last week, we’ve already made a few improvements.

  • We realized that for sustained work from home stints, our operations team would benefit from having a dual monitor set up like they do in the office. So we bought the entire team 2 monitors for their homes.
  • On their own, our teams implemented daily, first thing in the morning, video conferences with all of their teammates to check-in and align priorities
  • Our culture is massively important to us. Sustaining it remotely will take different tactics than when we are all together. Our Culture Club has planned a series of virtual engagement events to span the length of our work from home time.

We have found it helpful to over-communicate with our teammates and clients. We want to make sure everyone understands this is very serious, and we’re prepared and we will all get through this – together.