Lizz Schneider, CFP®


Lizz Schneider, CFP® is a Partner Advisor with AdvicePeriod with over 30 years of experience in the banking and investment industries. Her investment/planning practice is based in Central Wisconsin, and she works with individual high net worth clients and those aspiring to build their net worth – locally as well as across the country. Her business focuses on building strong relationships with her clients in order to assist them in documenting their life’s goals, creating a plan to successfully achieve those goals, and then implementing and monitoring the plan throughout her clients’ lives. She believes in a high level of ongoing service and coordinates with her client’s team of advisors, including their tax professionals as well as their estate planning attorneys. Lizz brings a unique approach to her client relationships by determining how she can best help her clients with their individual needs and prioritizing what is most important to them.

“My mission is clear, I love helping those who value my guidance as a Wealth Advisor and Financial Planner. I provide peace of mind by helping them to define their goals, implement a plan to achieve those goals, and most importantly to be there throughout their lives to monitor their plan, holding their hands through the inevitable rough times, and celebrating the successes.

I am an Investment Advisor and Certified Financial Planner™ professional, who truly cares about the lives of my clients and their families. My clients know that they are working with a fiduciary who puts their needs and interests first and is watching over their financial lives, while they focus on traveling through their life’s journey.

Women are a group I enjoy working with immensely. Single Women, Divorcees, Widows, and the ‘50% +’ Decision Makers. As a working mom and an advisor with clients in all of these categories, I understand women’s issues more than most, and love that I am in a position to help women reach their goals and maintain their standard of living throughout their retirement!”

A long-time goal of Lizz’s has been to continue building and growing a women’s empowerment network. Writing articles, speaking to women’s organizations and connecting with other women in her community is something she finds fulfilling, and AdvicePeriod has been completely supportive in pursuing these dreams and allows her the autonomy to manage her career her way. She truly believes that AdvicePeriod is there to help her run a successful business, rather than looking for her to fit within a rigid corporate structure. This attitude makes for a gratifying, rewarding and effective work environment.

When Lizz is away from work, she enjoys spending time with her two daughters, just hanging out, or sharing a good dining experience, a shopping trip or a fun vacation. She also loves making time to get together and talk with her close friends and family, which help her to maintain balance in her hectic life.

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