Joy Oh


Joy Oh is an Associate on AdvicePeriod’s advisory team, where her primary focus is working with advisors in all aspects of client management.

Prior to joining AdvicePeriod, Joy was an Advisor with Merrill Lynch as well as PlanMember Services, an independent broker-dealer. Joy began her career as a Financial Consultant with AXA Advisors Retirement Benefits Group.

Joy earned a dual Bachelor of Arts in International Relations and Philosophy from the University of California, Irvine. She later earned a Master of Arts in Politics from the London Metropolitan University, then completed her Certified Employee Benefits Specialist (CEBS) certification at the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania.  Outside of work, Joy enjoys learning foreign languages, traveling, cooking, interior design, and the outdoors.

Joy has been named the “quiet but fierce” force driving the AdvicePeriod Lab forward, which is focused on the firm’s most wealthy and complex clients. She also has particular expertise in estate planning administration. Joy joined AdvicePeriod about two and a half years ago when the team consisted of just five members. She filled a newly created position and exceeded expectations, resulting in the hiring of two more “Joys.” Joy is an Associate at AdvicePeriod, as well as a coach for new teammates.

She found herself exploring the possibility of joining the AdvicePeriod team when it became clear that her previous firm lacked the opportunity for growth.  The combination of antiquity and other conditions within the firm paved a glass ceiling above her head. She quickly discovered that AdvicePeriod is not only a more fun place to work but a place where growth and advancement are not only possible but encouraged.

Joy has enjoyed how AdvicePeriod is much like a start-up in the ways it has allowed her to get involved in a variety of projects and try on several hats. As someone who is constantly striving to better herself, she has appreciated the vast learning opportunities that accompany the range of unique challenges the team faces.  She is also confident that AdvicePeriod is successfully changing the wealth management industry–it is the face of future wealth management.

One of the reasons the team at AdvicePeriod is so much fun is the constant flow of team-building events.  Joy finds value in getting to know her teammates outside of the office and happily admits that she spends more time with her co-workers than anyone else. When Joy does find herself away from the team, she likes to stay active. She enjoys hiking, snowboarding, running, and yoga.


On the Culture:

“I think we’re incredibly innovative.  Everyone at AdvicePeriod is open-minded to change and always looking to try out new things, whether it’s technology or processes.  It’s a very cool, energetic culture and I feel like you don’t see that at many finance firms. We have our core values which are humility, integrity, honor, and excellence and I feel like everybody really tries to live by that.”

On the Team:

“I’ve hopped around and been at other firms before this, and the sense I got was that there’s a lot of backstabbing, gossip, and/or people only looking out for themselves.  The team that I’m on really works as one, and that for me, is refreshing. You feel like you’re part of something bigger. You can do a lot on your own but collectively, with a group of 16 now, there’s so much more you can accomplish.  With a team of that size, you really are in sync with each other and humming the same tune. But once you hit your goals, you can look back and say ‘we did that.’”

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