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Dina Nam, J.D., LL.M., is a Wealth Strategist with AdvicePeriod. Her primary focus is working with high net worth individuals and families to facilitate the most tax efficient transfer of wealth.

Dina often finds herself thinking about how lucky she is to have found a company as special as AdvicePeriod. Before AdvicePeriod, Dina was an estate-planning attorney at a large international law firm.  She began to realize that at the firm, she was either destined to be a partner or she would be a long-term counsel or associate. Uncertain that either of those career trajectories were appealing, she began considering another path.

A little over a year ago, Dina decided to take a chance on AdvicePeriod, despite it being a major career change. She was compelled by AdvicePeriod’s focus on planning. She was used to estate planning being an after-thought rather than a first-thought. Now, Dina is a wealth strategist who is able to use her background, in combination with AdvicePeriod’s financial advisors’ digital platform, to help the internal team understand how to administer the estate plans they have helped coordinate. She also interacts with clients to help them understand legalese so they can avoid spending extra, billable hours with their attorneys.

Dina has not only appreciated AdvicePeriod’s emphasis on planning but also on culture. While many people may be capable of doing the job well, AdvicePeriod takes extra care to hire people who are also the appropriate cultural fit. Hiring people with similar mind-sets makes it possible for the team to mesh both in and outside of work.  Dina enjoys how open, willing to learn and ambitious her teammates are.

One of her favorite memories with the company was the annual Cabo contest, during which teammates compete in a series of events, accumulating points in hopes of winning a week-long paid vacation in Cabo. Dina garnered second place (an accomplishment she is quite proud of) and although it was only her first summer at the company, she felt immersed in the culture and was able to connect with her teammates while having fun.

When Dina is away from work, she enjoys traveling, with two of her favorite destinations being Iceland and the Maldives.  She is also constantly hunting for the next best TV show or movie.

Insight from Dina:
On the culture at AdvicePeriod vs. a large law firm:

“It’s night and day. A law firm has a very hierarchical structure. You have the partners, you have the associates, the paralegals, the secretaries and you move up a ladder, a very defined ladder. At a law firm, everyone is in their office so it can sometimes promote more of a segmented environment than not.  Everyone was in their own space and at times it felt like a library because it was so quiet. Compare that to AdvicePeriod, you have an open concept, there are no doors and no offices. It’s nice to see that even the CEO, one of the founders, has his desk out with everyone else’s. It fosters more talking and there is always a lot of conversation. There’s some hierarchy, you have to have someone who’s your manager, but it doesn’t feel like that because everyone is so collaborative.  We’re always working toward the same goal and I never feel afraid to say ‘can you help me with this project or do you have time to do this?’ There’s a lot more freedom in that because everyone is so receptive.”

Her advice for those seeking a similar transition:

“I think a big piece of advice I would give is to be open, to be willing to take a risk because that, for me, was the biggest hurdle I had to jump over.  I was familiar with a law firm structure and I knew going to another law firm would be a very easy transition. At AdvicePeriod, I didn’t quite understand the structure because I wasn’t in it and even now, it’s such a fluid thing.  I think if you have the openness, the willingness to take that leap and have some faith in the people that you’re working with, you could come across a great opportunity.”

Dina has a Bachelor of Arts in Economics from Pomona College in Claremont, California. She earned her Juris Doctor from Brooklyn Law School in New York and later earned her Masters in Law (LL.M.) in Business Law and Tax at the UCLA School of Law. She is an active member of the State Bar of California. Dina was born and raised in Los Angeles, California. Outside of work, Dina enjoys traveling abroad and supporting all LA sports teams.

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