David Noosinow

I am a proud father, Spartan, and Lumberjack. Let me explain…

It’s a great day to be a Lumberjack!  I’ll save you the trip down memory lane of life as a student, athlete, and coach at Northern Arizona University. However, the experience of being a walk-on football player, earning my scholarship on the field during our championship season, becoming a captain, and finally a coach, has taught me the valuable life lessons of teamwork, trust, mutual respect, accountability, perseverance, grit and believing in the seemingly impossible.

I believe the history of where we come from is very important – the people, the places, and the purpose are what build us and help create our legacy. I was very fortunate to grow up in the Lake Mohawk community of Sparta, NJ, a town nestled in the Appalachian Mountains. This was the “village” that forged my character and instilled the importance of community; friends and family are important to me. I’m a Spartan! Winning Becomes a Spartan Tradition

My Specialty

I serve the unique needs of wealth creators and multi-generational families by delivering actionable insights with demonstrable impact now and in your family’s future. I understand the complexities of ultra-high net worth families and the challenges they face maintaining legacy, principles, beliefs, and memories. My areas of focus include business sale planning, estate, and tax planning, needs analysis, risk mitigation, wealth transfer, and charitable planning.

My Community

I am active with Padres Pedal | A World Without Cancer and Challenged Athletes Foundation and previously served on the Northern Arizona University Foundation Board’s Investment and Finance committees.

My Passions

Reading, learning, skiing, cycling, yoga, meditation, mindfulness, getting younger next year

My Rabbit Holes

Neuroscience, quantum physics, peak performance, FLOW research, biohacking, smart cities, the future of education. STEM, ESG, EdTech, Fintech

To learn more about timely issues that may impact your legacy or for peace of mind feel free to schedule a 15-minute discussion with me.

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