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David Noosinow

“Risk control isn’t an action as much as it is a mindset. Planning puts as much of an emphasis on avoiding mistakes as on doing great things.”

An Innovative Solution for Families with Significant Wealth: The Virtual Family Office

Thanks to disruptive technological advancements and a growing trend for many family offices to outsource all but a handful of full-time positions, families with significant wealth can now receive the same advantages of a single family office through a VFO. By outsourcing the accounting, reporting, administration, information technology, and even investment roles of the family office, family members are able to focus on pursuing their passions, philanthropic endeavors, and/or adding value in focused, strategic areas such as direct investments in real estate or venture capital investments.

A VFO, like the single family office, is designed and constructed around the needs, wants, and preferences of a single, affluent individual or family, and is regularly more bespoke than what wealth management firms have historically delivered. A VFO is exceedingly customized in various and meaningful ways to each affluent family, such as through asset structure, investment preferences, legacy plans and human relations.

Benefits of a Virtual Family Office

  • Maintain direct control, flexibility, and a high degree of customization
  • Mitigate planning gaps
  • Harness experience and competencies of existing, proven professional advisors
  • Employ diverse investment and planning perspectives (true objective advice)
  • Utilize fixed cost model

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