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Ryan Goldenhar

Ryan Goldenhar
Goldenhar Ryan

Partner Advisor


Ryan Goldenhar, CFA®, CFP® is a Partner Advisor with AdvicePeriod. Since beginning his career as a wealth management professional in 1999, he has been passionately committed to providing goal-based, life transition financial planning dovetailed with fiduciary portfolio management. His clients are successful individuals and families that want to preserve and grow their assets with an eye towards both tax-efficiency and costs that are in line with the value received.

Before finding AdvicePeriod, Ryan, a Partner Advisor, was considering starting a new firm. However, when he saw what AdvicePeriod offered, he realized that they were already doing almost everything he had envisioned. Rather than trying to start from scratch, Ryan saw an opportunity to be a part of the ecosystem AdvicePeriod had deliberately constructed. The company takes away the hassle and frustration of figuring out how to set up an operations group, a compliance group, a website, health insurance, and any other aspect that could interfere with Ryan’s ability to focus on his clients. AdvicePeriod also provides a team of good people eager to support him.

Ryan, who used to work at a private bank as a portfolio manager, was impressed with AdvicePeriod’s planning first philosophy and also their use of technology. AdvicePeriod’s digital platform allows him to help his clients at any time, wherever they may be. It also gives him the power to do more in less time. By utilizing technology, he can effectively and efficiently put together a financial plan, manage client’s investments, or schedule and engage in meetings.

Ryan has found that his clients and prospective clients also agree with AdvicePeriod principles. They can connect with the ideas of reinventing wealth management and keeping things simple, as well as AdvicePeriod’s value placed on decreasing costs and pursuing tax efficiency.

In his free time, Ryan focuses on spending time with his two children. As a tightly-knit family, they enjoy finding ways to relax together, reading, or playing golf. Once he and his wife are empty-nesters, Ryan will find his own hobbies.

Insight from Ryan

On finding the future:

One of the things that makes AdvicePeriod different is that we have been forward-looking. A lot of the wealth management industry sticks with the way things have been done because that’s what their current clients want or because they think that is the safe route. I liked that AdvicePeriod, from the beginning, built the firm to say ‘if we were going to build it looking forward and not current or backward, what would it look like?’ And the team has always been focused on building the firm that should exist in the future and they bring it to today. I’ve liked and appreciated that aspect. I think that is different from a lot of existing firms.