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Phil Boscarino

Phil Boscarino

Technology & Analytics


Central to AdvicePeriod’s growth and client service strategy is our use of the latest digital technology to simplify our business and allow our advisors to scale – by spending more time with their clients.

One core piece of our technology stack is our custom performance reporting system that allows our advisors and their clients to evaluate the fees, allocation, performance, and analytics of all investments, no matter where they are custodied. Our technology empowers advisors to do what they do best, advise their clients.

Phil has spent his entire career in financial services at both large, global powerhouses and smaller boutique firms at the cutting edge of financial technology. In all cases, Phil has supported advisors and their clients by delivering sophisticated technology and analytics in an easy to use format.

Phil earned a BS in accounting from California State University, Chico and is currently enrolled in the CFP program.