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Megan Logee

Megan Logee
Logee Megan

Partner Advisor


Megan Logee, ChFC® is a Partner Advisor at AdvicePeriod. Since starting her career 13 years ago, Megan has consistently empowered her individual and business-owner clients. She gives her clients financial confidence by providing them with a broad variety of comprehensive solutions and plans to meet all their needs. Megan specializes in several areas including Generation X Financial Planning and Financial Planning for Women.

Megan, a Partner Advisor, was searching for a better opportunity for her clients when she found AdvicePeriod. In an industry that is continuously changing, Megan thought that it was important to find a firm that would be adaptable and have the resources to drive that change. Additionally, AdvicePeriod shared her investment philosophy and would give her the ability to actively manage clients’ accounts in a tax-efficient manner.

Another vital piece in Megan’s decision to join the team was AdvicePeriod’s Financial Advisors Digital Platform, which makes working from Rhode Island possible. Thanks to their technology, such as the platform Slack, AdvicePeriod remains a centralized, close-knit team, and Megan feels that it allows operations to be available at all times. They also use a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system to send tasks or requests to Operations easily. AdvicePeriod is constantly searching for the most efficient way to help its Partner Advisors and clients. Still, they also understand that sometimes the best way to resolve a concern is simply picking up the phone and having an informal but productive conversation with Megan.

The open communication between the teammates, whether they are fellow advisors, or working in operations or compliance, allows Megan to feel constantly informed about her clients and anything that may be occurring within the firm. She knows she can reach out and ask for help at any time and that she will be met with effective and immediate assistance. The proactive engagement she experiences and the overall culture at AdvicePeriod is something Megan is confident cannot be found at most other firms. At AdvicePeriod, she feels everyone is working together to truly help clients and their families.

Insight from Megan:

On portfolio management:

“Another reason I was persuaded to join AdvicePeriod was that I wanted models already created for my clients that I could tap into if needed. In regards to portfolio management, AdvicePeriod provides allocations that advisors can utilize. We also have access to Breckinridge, Parametric, and Dimensional Fund, which offer tailored strategies to employ for specific client needs. Additionally, we have rebalancing software that has been impactful since it was rolled out. There were some quirks at the beginning, like any new platform, but I can foresee it being a powerful tool just from the short time that I have been using it. I have noticed how much quicker and more efficient the process has become in terms of rebalancing clients’ accounts and how it has allowed me to focus on tax-loss harvesting. We can identify instances where we can take advantage of tax-loss harvesting immediately.”