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Matthew Woodward

Matthew Woodward
Matthew Woodward



The dedicated onboarding team ensures our advisors and our clients have a seamless experience joining AdvicePeriod. Our digital onboarding tools dramatically reduce the paperwork, complexity and frustration often associated with onboarding – allowing our advisors to spend more time with their clients.

Matt has been with AdvicePeriod since 2016, and like the company, his role has proved to be dynamic. Currently, he is accountable for overseeing the operations, reporting, and transition teams. One of his many responsibilities includes ensuring that the operational platform is running smoothly and efficiently and that AdvicePeriod is acting as a strong advocate for its clients. He also sees that a new Partner Advisor’s business is transferred over and ensures that they are well equipped with the tools to grow their business.

Matt found himself interested in joining the young team because of his love for the intersection of technology and finance. Being so technologically forward can sometimes create challenges but he meets them with enthusiasm and is focused on building out the most unique and technologically advanced platform. By utilizing technology efficiently, the company can grow capacity and streamline some of the most antiquated services. The use of paper and printing PDF reports is discouraged, and instead AdvicePeriod encourages clients to log in and have a faster, more satisfactory experience in a digital environment.

Due to Matt’s long relationship with AdvicePeriod, he has had contact points with just about every Partner Advisor, giving him the ability to understand in-depth what needs a Partner Advisor may have and how to be the best resource or sounding board for complications that arise. He enjoys spending time talking with them and wants to help create new things that make sense for a successful business.

He is grateful to have had trustworthy, reliable, hardworking team members and is confident that they can handle anything and everything, giving him the freedom to focus on building the company. Matt also appreciates the creative aspect of his work and the ability to run with new ideas. Rather than being trained to fear failure, the AdvicePeriod team often takes risks and seeks out new opportunities, leaving plenty of room for personal growth and the feeling of ownership over their work.

Over the past several years, Matt has watched the company change, adapt, and evolve. He believes it has innovated the old, stuffy methods most other financial firms have just spun through year after year. Not only is AdvicePeriod the “firm of the future,” but it has also created an incredibly rich culture by identifying individuals who positively contribute to the DNA of the company. Matt is eager to continue growing the team and resources on an exponential level.

When Matt has free time, he can be found playing or exploring the outdoors with his two children. He also enjoys hiking, golfing, and traveling.

Insight from Matt:

On partnering with AdvicePeriod:

At a lot of firms, back-office people can be second class citizens, or just task takers, people who are just cranking through work. I think that AdvicePeriod is extremely unique in the sense that the people that we’ve hired to work in those back-office roles are people who are extremely motivated, they are people who want to take on the world. They are growing their careers. They want to engage. They want to do more than to take tasks. And because of that, they have become subject matter experts in their fields, and really provide consultant services to our Partner Advisors versus just taking directions from them. I think that what’s really unique about the AdvicePeriod model and brand is that when Partner Advisors join they participate in a partnership with strategic consultants who can help them grow their business in different ways, whether that’s operational, helping them work through performance reporting issues, or during their transition. They are working with subject matter experts who help their clients have the best experience possible.