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Kelly Heath

Kelly Heath
Heath Kelly



Kelly Heath is a member of AdvicePeriod’s Operations team where she is responsible for custodial transactions and account maintenance. By managing all aspects of trade execution, wires, transfers, and account administration, Operations allows our advisors to spend more time with clients.

Kelly was drawn to AdvicePeriod when she discovered the fun and lively work environment it houses. After working in Operations for over ten years, she was beginning to realize that most firms encourage the adjective “boring” that tends to accompany working in finance. She found the cultural spirit of AdvicePeriod to be as refreshing as the people who made up the vivacious company. 

In Operations, Kelly is responsible for supporting the Partner Advisors in the field working with clients. She works behind the scenes doing whatever needs to be done to ensure that transitions are seamless and that Partner Advisors can focus on their clients. Kelly covers everything from paperwork to helping Partner Advisors open accounts or place trades. Using her industry experience and knowledge, Kelly is a valuable resource for Partner Advisors by providing them with insight and information to assist them with their clients. 

Kelly is grateful to be able to take advantage of AdvicePeriod’s Financial Advisors Digital Platform. She utilizes a fully integrated tech stack that allows her to completely document and retain required client information digitally. The team uses software that bridges together the flow of client data and reporting information with the use of application programming interfaces that allow the systems to speak to one another. 

Outside of finance, Kelly is passionate about health and fitness. She enjoys running with her furry friend on the beach and setting (then breaking) personal distance and time goals. She also loves to spend time in the kitchen, baking, and cooking. 

Insight from Kelly:

On her relationship with Partner Advisors:

I think our Partner Advisors appreciate having the core expertise I can offer, especially when they come across a compliance or operational-centric issue, which is not necessarily in their wheel-house. They are super appreciative every time I give them a proactive heads-up about something I see with their clients. If I can help them get ahead of an issue for a client, that is a win for everyone. 

When newly onboarded Partner Advisors have completed their time in training, they will work together with Operations if any questions or needs arise. I think it’s critical to have strong relationships with the Partner Advisors.