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Jonathan Row

Jonathan Row
Row Jonathan

Team Development and Success


Jonathan Row is responsible for Corporate Administration at AdvicePeriod. In this role, he is responsible for the administrative operations of the business including people operations, marketing, administration, and other strategic initiatives. In addition, Jon leads our firm’s Culture Club and P@C (People at Company) committee where he works to enhance the team member experience.

Jon joined AdvicePeriod in December of 2016 when the company was just 14 people. As the company expanded, there was a need to find, train, and develop new team members. That’s where Jon came in. After performing varied roles within the company, he found his passion for working with people internally, recruiting and onboarding new members, and managing various initiatives. Now, he is the Head of Corporate Administration.

Jon leads the five-member Culture Club which is devoted to maintaining AdvicePeriod’s all-encompassing values through volunteering, events, and other fun activities that keep the team functioning as a coherent unit. Thanks to an emphasis on creating a healthy culture, AdvicePeriod has been able to maintain it’s culture while adding over 60 team members in three years.

Before moving to Los Angeles, Jon was a Brokerage Associate at Vanguard where he worked on the new client experience team. Once in LA, he filled the role of Senior Operations Associate with an active money manager. The experience highlighted the antiquity of the wealth management industry. Jon found value in helping the company go paperless by digitizing their processes but disliked the corporate bureaucracy that stifled innovation. He met Larry Miles, one of AdvicePeriod’s principals, on LinkedIn, and was invited to visit the company.

From first sight, Jon knew AdvicePeriod was different from any other wealth management firm. AdvicePeriod was already utilizing digital tools for financial advisors, it seemed to be the future of wealth management. Their use of technology was apparent to Jon simply by walking in the office which sported a techy, modern-feel, paired with extremely likable people. As a somewhat new and fast-growing company, it was also the ideal place to reap personal growth.

As someone who enjoys learning, building, and solving problems, AdvicePeriod has been the ideal environment for Jon. He has found that AdvicePeriod is in no way like a typical 9-5 job. While enjoying the benefits of the support from a large team and the principals, he has found self-sufficiency in his ability to drive his own career forward. He decides how much to take on each day and has earned ample opportunities to add more and more value since day one. In the next five to ten years, Jon hopes to be involved in growing the company to hundreds of people.

When not planning or participating in one of AdvicePeriod’s many fun team-building activities or events, such as a ski trip to Utah or the AdvicePeriod Olympics, Jon enjoys traveling and playing tennis. Most recently he traveled to South Africa and went on a safari in Kruger National Park. Jon is also an active participant in anything considered a “stereotypical LA” activity.

Jon earned his B.S. in Business Economics from the University of Arizona’s Eller College of Management.  He holds a Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA) Series 65 license.

Insight From Jon:

About the culture at AdvicePeriod:

“The root of our culture is meritocracy so everyone has the same opportunity for advancement, for doing more, for growing their careers but it’s all merit-based. It’s not based on how long you’ve been there, what school you went to, or any other arbitrary factors that really don’t matter, it’s all results orientated. The people who provide the most results, add the most value, move on, take up more responsibilities, get rewarded, make more over time, and have a steeper career trajectory than someone that could have more experience but maybe isn’t providing as much value. It’s very exciting for someone like myself because at other, larger firms you have that structure of stay two years here, stay two years there, two years here and you could be working harder, adding more value than the guy next to you but you’re on the same path. It’s also that innovative culture, that entrepreneur feeling. We’re always looking at ways to incorporate technology more, and how to try things differently. We want to do great work, add a lot of value to our clients, keep driving the ball forward reinventing our industry–and have a lot of fun doing it.”

About a culture-strengthening activity:

“AdvicePeriod volunteers with the organization Harlem Lacrosse which gives underserved youth the opportunity to play lacrosse and to develop educationally and professionally. They have a group of kids come to our office every Wednesday and we have this career-development mentorship program where we teach them about personal finance, career development, and bettering themselves. The kids are a ton of fun and we usually have dinner together. We have about fifteen team members who volunteer every Wednesday and it’s one of the ways we’re trying to give back to our community. We don’t know anything about lacrosse but we can help them in other ways.”