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Jim Shagawat

Jim Shagawat
Shagawat Jim

Partner Advisor


Jim Shagawat, CFP®, ChFC®, is a Partner Advisor at AdvicePeriod. Jim offers his clients unparalleled guidance through mindful and individualized planning, placing the client’s financial wellness above all. He is passionate about simplifying detailed issues to deliver actionable advice.

Prior to joining AdvicePeriod, Jim founded Windfall Wealth™ Advisors where he specialized in helping clients with sudden wealth avoid honest mistakes and unscrupulous salespeople, safe in the knowledge that they had a capable and trustworthy advocate to guide them on their journey.

Jim received his B.A. in Music from William Paterson University, and at age 25 he opened his own music studio, going on to become an award-winning composer with his writing partner, Rob Notoris. Together they created music for advertising, film, movie trailers, games, and TV, ranging from Animal Planet, Discovery Health, the History Channel, The Learning Channel, MTV, ABC, and The Travel Channel.

Despite his musical success, Jim’s love for finance and intense desire to help other people never left him. He spent all his spare time studying and earned his MBA in Finance from Rutgers University. In 1997 he closed his music studio and made the full switch to finance.

Today Jim lives in northern New Jersey with his wonderful wife, Eve, and their two teenage children. The youngest of six siblings, he is very close to his extended family and enjoys spending time with them as often as possible. When he manages to steal a quiet moment to himself, he loves listening to music and playing his saxophone.