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Jackie Lewis

Jackie Lewis
Lewis Jackie

Partner Advisor


Jackie Lewis, CFP® is a Partner Advisor with AdvicePeriod. Since beginning her career as a wealth management professional, she has been passionately committed to providing goal-based, life transition financial planning along with risk management strategies around wealth. Her clients are successful individuals and families that want to preserve and grow their assets with an eye towards both tax-efficiency and costs that are in line with the value received.

Coming from a large private bank, Jackie Lewis, a Partner Advisor, and her business partner, Ryan Goldenhar, were pleased to find a completely different environment at AdvicePeriod. While there were several reasons for deciding to partner with the company, she was especially impressed by their culture and their focus on planning.

Jackie believes that AdvicePeriod has created a strong culture around being client-centric. With a more hands-off approach, she appreciates the freedom she has to run her own business. Not only are the other Partner Advisors some of the best in the field, but they are also willing to collaborate and share their expertise. Providing the backbone for their business is AdvicePeriod’s support in operations, compliance, human resources, technology, and marketing, allowing Jackie to focus strictly on her current clients and bringing in new prospects.

While working with Operations, Jackie has always found the team to be positive, professional, responsive, and helpful above all expectations. The AdvicePeriod team has the unparalleled ability to support her, inspire her, and create an environment in which she can thrive. Even during challenging times, the team has the culture, tools, and technology to ensure business can continue as usual with a seamless transition for clients.

AdvicePeriod’s unique marketing materials are aligned with the types of clients she and her partner are looking for, making them incredibly valuable resources.

In her free time, Jackie enjoys traveling, hiking, running, and spending time with her family. She is also an avid animal lover.

Insight from Jackie

On AdvicePeriod’s cutting edge technology:

AdvicePeriod’s expertise in technology is a big benefit to our clients and it allows us to reduce their costs and increase efficiency. I would say the critical piece right now is the ability to video chat with our clients and prospects. We can bring referrals in from all over the country because location is no longer an issue. Not just the ability to zoom with clients, which we didn’t have at our prior firm, but also the planning and reporting software is so much better than what I was used to. AdvicePeriod’s technology is also cutting edge in the industry. It makes us look like we, as Partner Advisors, are at the forefront of this industry which counts for a lot.