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Duke Schillaci

Duke Schillaci
Schillaci Duke



Duke Schillaci is an Analyst with AdvicePeriod. In his role, he is an integral member of the client relationship management team where he assists the Advisors in fulfilling client requests and portfolio needs.

Duke, an intern turned Analyst, has been a part of the AdvicePeriod team ever since his junior year of college. Admittedly a workaholic, he found himself inspired by the team’s constant drive to work harder and smarter. Duke was confident early on that he was joining a great place with brilliant people. He also knew this was a firm dedicated and focused on reinventing the industry-something he would not find elsewhere.

As a young person in a young company, the opportunities to learn and try new roles are seemingly endless. Duke feels that he can pick up a new responsibility and run with it any time he feels ready for a different challenge. At AdvicePeriod, planning and building a career path he will be satisfied with is possible.

Unlike the rigid, corporate structure at many other firms, Duke believes that the culture at AdvicePeriod encourages his teammates to recognize they share a common goal and find ways to help each other.  By leveling the playing field, coworkers become more like friends and the team is able to more effectively break norms and set a trend that other firms are striving for. Whether it’s a pick-up basketball game, happy hour, or a culture trip to Cabo, Duke appreciates the bonding that takes place outside of the workplace. However, it’s when things are not necessarily fun that their ability to work together is most important. The late-nights or weekends spent working are when his teammates’ characters prove to be exceptional.

As the company continues to grow and set goals, Duke plans on contributing by not only finding new ways to add value but also by being open to change and learning how to work more efficiently. By fully investing in and committing to AdvicePeriod, he hopes he will be able to further advance his role in the company and work on his own development as a person.

When Duke is away from work he takes advantage of living near the ocean by surfing. He also enjoys traveling, playing golf, and spending time with friends and family.

Insight from Duke:

On straying from the norm:

I would tell someone outside of the company that it’s okay to be different, especially in this industry. I think that whether it’s an advisor that is considering the transfer of their business to AdvicePeriod, or a young person looking to join the team with a lot of complex clients, it’s okay to take a risk and do something different than the industry standard. It’s also okay to have fun while doing it. In most businesses across industries, coworkers and friends tend to be separate groups, but I think being able to integrate those two things is super, super important. AdvicePeriod really creates a great avenue for that to happen.