3 Tech Investments We
Just Made
Talk is cheap. Where you spend your time and money indicates what’s important to you. We are a planning first, technology-enabled firm committed to reinventing wealth management. That’s where we are making investments.

Historically, a team of analysts would manually inventory a prospective client’s portfolio, analyzing asset allocation, manager selection, and fees—using Excel. It was a valuable, yet time-consuming process. Today there are tools like and others that do a great job. We have made a number of investments that we believe will take it one step farther. Not only will this tech electronically inventory and analyze portfolios, but it will also collect all of a prospect’s estate planning information (more on that later).

Once the analysis has been done—and the client, of course, says “you’re hired”—we’re building an “easy button” that will automatically convert a new client’s portfolio—taking into account taxes, asset location, and estate planning. In the end, the client will tax consciously convert to our low-cost index portfolios without our advisors having to juggle Excel or multiple tech platforms.

Helping a client understand their estate plan is a challenge for most advisors. Plans can be complex, and the current tools that illustrate plans are awful—almost like they were designed for and by attorneys (sorry, it’s true). We are making a significant investment in data visualization that will offer clients of all estate complexity a clear, modern view of their plans with animation to show what happens when. Our coders (formerly employed by a company called Google) are already at work.

Perhaps most significantly, we are working on the massive issue of trusteeship that we highlighted here. This could wind up as our most significant investment in terms of time, dollars, and impact. Our solution will be massive in impact and elegant in execution. Stay tuned.

We would love to share any and all details about our investments. Let us know if you would like more information. Join the revolution.
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