3 Fake News Headlines
About Joining an
Existing RIA
Many advisors seeking independence are reluctant to join an existing RIA. Their fears are often misguided.

Below are just a few myths we’ve heard from prospective partner advisors as we get to know each other.

  • If I join an existing firm, I’ll have a fixed salary. Definitely not true. It’s possible to actually increase your financial flexibility by joining an existing firm. AdvicePeriod’s revenue share model allows uncapped earning potential.
  • Joining another company means I have to attend all those BS internal meetings. 8 AM Monday sales meetings are the reality at some firms, but far from all. Find a firm that shares your values. They won’t expect you to put in meaningless facetime.
  • I’m used to working the way I work and don’t want to change. If I join another firm, I’ll have to change in ways I don’t want. You are a successful advisor. You should be your own boss. And as the boss, you should hire someone else to manage the day to day as you take care of your clients and find new ones.
There are so many options for advisors and their clients, they should be able to find exactly what they believe will make them successful. Never settle. Never feel stuck.

Join the revolution.
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