3 Common Practices We Abolished
By: Larry Miles
We try to focus our messaging and communications on what we believe in. Our feeling is by sharing our core values, we will attract clients, advisors, and partners who believe what we believe. We’ve been happy with the results, but I thought it would be fun to share some things we do NOT believe in.
  • Monday morning sales meetings. We’ve probably all had them. I’ve even ran some. I suppose the idea is to get everyone focused on the week ahead and talk about growth. Those aren’t bad ideas. But you’ll never see one at AdvicePeriod (hence the pic of an empty conference room). Our advisors and partners have all the service, sales, and business support they want. But that’s the key, they have to want it. We call it opting in. We schedule sessions and invite our Partner Advisors. They attend if they believe they’ll find it valuable, not because they’ll get scolded if they don’t.
  • Happy birthday! No… not at AdvicePeriod. We do not celebrate arbitrary milestones like birthdays and anniversaries. We celebrate results, excellence, and achievement. We celebrate the struggle of building a business focused on doing the best job we can for clients. We honor and recognize the lifelong pursuit of knowledge. But don’t worry, we still manage to eat a lot of cake. A lot.
  • How many units have you sold? We do not sell products. We have no quotas. No minimum mortgage referrals that we need to generate for our private bank. What a bunch of garbage. The best advisors, advise. Their mission is not to move product or cram structured notes in to their client accounts. At AdvicePeriod, our partner advisors have the freedom and flexibility to focus on what they believe is most important to their clients.
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