3 Ways to Simplify the
By: Larry Miles
Advisors of all stripes often need to explain something complex to someone who doesn’t really care… or otherwise wants their lives made simple. The advisors who are best at making the complex, simple, usually start by not taking themselves too seriously.

Tell me a story. Anecdotes, examples, and analogies are a powerful way to relate to your audience. Think about the most difficult to understand aspects of your business and figure out a simple story to help people understand.

Be funny. If your story is genuinely funny or interesting, you get huge bonus points from your audience. Be someone that other people want to listen to. Not someone who puts your audience to sleep with 100 slides and graphs. If you’re wondering if your presentation is too long–it is.

Paint a picture. Please stop using slide decks. Just stop. There is a correlation between the size of your slide deck and how smart people think you are. The bigger the deck, the less smart you seem. Instead, find an illustration, infographic, or something more dynamic to highlight your point.

Remember you’re not that big a deal. The better command you have of your subject, the less you need the aid of crutches like slides and the more you can focus on having fun and engaging your audience. It’s that simple. Simplify your business by plugging into our model. Join us today..
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