The Language of We
By: Larry Miles
For years, I made a huge mistake in my personal and professional relationships. My mistake was speaking in the language of “I” and not “we.”

By the language of “I,” I mean the habit of speaking in terms of “my,” “mine,” and “myself.” As in “my team,” “the victory was mine,” or “what I did.” My language reflected a very selfish focus and view of the world, albeit an unconscious one. A frame of reference that had me at the center and everyone else playing a supporting role. I didn’t purposely think or talk that way. But my language made clear to anyone paying attention who I thought was most important. Me.

Through lots of professional and personal therapy, as well as valuable feedback from teammates, I became aware of this bad habit and its negative impact. With the great support of many, I became committed to changing not only my language but my mindset.

Ours is a team sport. We are in this together. Our strength comes from having a passionate, diverse and inspired team. Our best leaders take all the blame. And deflect all the credit. This is true in big victories and small accomplishments.

We are purposely not a cult of personality. We are AdvicePeriod. Our company is bigger than any one person. Nor do our teams work for one person – our teams support everyone.

The more we utilize the language of we – the stronger our team will become.
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