AdvicePeriod. It's that simple.


“Money often costs too much.”

– Ralph Waldo Emerson, essayist, lecturer, and poet

For What It’s Worth

At AdvicePeriod, we believe paying excessive fees for widely available investment strategies is one of the biggest detractors from long-term performance. The way we see it, clients should only pay premium fees for premium services. And, since we’re experts at knowing what’s a commodity and what’s not, we can help you reduce fees quickly.


Our Fee Structure

We can’t stand conflicts of interest – and you shouldn’t stand for them either. For standalone investment management services, our Clients typically pay AdvicePeriod 0.95% of their assets we manage.  For certain clients where an AUM fee may not be appropriate, we charge clients a fixed quarterly fee based upon our scope of services, the complexity of their situation, and our ability to add value. At AdvicePeriod, we recognize that we have to earn your business (and your fees) every day and we strive to deliver actionable advice worth far more than its cost.

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